Alfred Lodge & Dr Robert Lomas

Alfred Lodge has invited Dr. Robert Lomas to give a lecture in September 2015, entitled "The Secrets of the First Degree".

If any brother is interested in attending please contact the lodge using this Contact form!

Alfred Lodge Gavel Evening 2015

Alfred Lodge is contempalting holding a Gavel Evening on Monday 09th March 2015. The purpose of this evening is to provide information to prospective candidates about Freemasonry in General and Alfred Lodge in particular.

Armed with this knowledge, interested parties can make an informed decision about becoming a Freemason.

The evening will be informal and start in the Masonic Temple, where a series of short talks will be given as an introduction to what joining the Freemasons involves.

A tour of the Masonic Rooms will follow, finishing in the dining room where a buffet and refreshments may be provided.

At the end of the evening further information will be provided, together with a letter from the Lodge Secretary regarding the procedure for applications for membership.

If you are interested in attending to find out what Freemasonry and Alfred Lodge is about then please contact the lodge using this Contact form!

The United Grand Lodge of England Alfred Lodge Province of Yorkshire, West Riding