Alfred Lodge was authorised to assemble as a regular Lodge of Free and accepted Masons (FreeMasons) under the Title or Denomination of Alfred Lodge in the Borough of Leeds in 1795.

Its seven founding members were:

  • William Hodgson,

    a schoolmaster, or as he would have called himself, Principal of an Academy, who was the moving influence in the founding of Alfred Lodge and was the first to chair the Lodge.

  • John Simpson,

    then aged forty eight, who was the first Senior Warden of the Lodge, and the second person to chair it.

  • George Ireland,

    aged twenty nine, who was the Lodge's first Junior Warden.

  • Mathew Vickers,

    a Gentleman, aged twenty, who was the youngest founding member.

  • John Kemplay,

    also a schoolmaster.

  • William Cowling,

    a bookkeeper to William Cookson (who was twice a mayor of Leeds in 1793 and 1801)

  • William Drake,

    a Cloth Dresser.

From 1837 - 1895 the Lodge membership increased considerably, and included some outstanding Masons. This enabled the Lodge to reach out beyond the confines of its own Lodge rooms. It supplied officers to Provincial Grand Lodge, including two of the most outstanding of this period, Charles Lee and James Hargreaves. On 27th May 1895 Alfred Lodge celebrated its Centenary.

The most outstanding characteristic of Alfred Lodge during the period which included two world wars was its very generous support for all Masonic Charities, as well as selected non-Masonic Charities.

In 1995, Alfred Lodge celebrated its Bicentenary. Being one of the oldest Masonic lodges, Alfred Lodge is still striving to promote the Masonic values and is always interested in welcoming likeminded men from diverse backgrounds who share the same moral values.

The United Grand Lodge of England Alfred Lodge Province of Yorkshire, West Riding