June 2016

A Possible First in over 200 years?

Members of Alfred Lodge released a Copper Printing plate from their Lodge Archives from Circa 1800.

With the help of West Yorkshire Print Workshop, a potential first impression from the printing plate was revealed for the first time in over 200 years.

The resulting print reveals the front page of the Lodge Summons, which was distributed to members of the Lodge prior to a regular Lodge meeting.

The print also reveals the day of the week that the Lodge met in the 1800's, Friday rather than Monday, the day that Alfred meet now.

The intricacy, detail and craftsmanship of the design, which would have been engraved by hand into the surface of the copper sheet, is clearly visible and is a testament to the skill of the Craftsmen in those days.

The print also reveals the Platemakers mark, Butterworths of Leeds.

In several Leeds directories, published in the years 1800-1830, Butterworths are described either as 'engravers', or as 'copper-plate printers'. The Christian name John occurs in entries for the years 1800-1817. Entries for the Butterworth family in the directories continue until 1830.

December 2014

Otley Masons Scout out a good cause

In the summer of 2014 Horsford Lodge received a letter from Megan Barker and Tom Paxton both members of the Otley Scout Group requesting our assistance in helping them raise £3,500-00 each to go towards the cost of them attending the Scout Jamboree in 2015 to be held in Japan.

The reason for such a high figure was they were not only raising the money for their own attendance at the Jamboree but also additional funding to assist and enable Scouts from other countries around the world who were not as advantaged as those in our own country.

W Bro Richard Bleasdale the Master of Horsford Lodge, a former Group Scout Leader of Otley Parish and the current Chairman of the Appointments Committee of Wharfedale Scouts, took it upon himself to mobilise the Otley Lodges.

W Bro Bleasdale wrote to the other Otley Lodges suggesting they may like to join with Horsford Lodge in making a donation to this most worthwhile of causes and so it was that on the evening of 10th. December 2014 The Masters of Horsford, Chevin and Leodiensis Lodges along with the Charity Stewards from Alfred and Leodiensis Lodges made a presentation of £700 to three of the Otley Scout Group.

All three Scouts have agreed they will come along to Westbourne House later in the year after the Jamboree to give the brethren a report on what the experience meant to them.

The photograph shows from left to right at the front Megan Barger, Tom Paxton and Maya Lao and at the back W Bro Richard Hirst Master of Leodiensis Lodge No 4029, W Bro Howard Handley Master of Chevin Lodge No 6848, W Bro Richard Bleasdale Master of Horsford Lodge No 5339, W Bro Andrew Gilliland Charity Steward of Alfred Lodge No 306 and W Bro John Driscoll Charity Steward of Leodiensis Lodge No 4029. Unfortunately the Master of Alfred Lodge W Bro Mark Cook & the Master of Harewood Lodge No 5667, W Bro Clive Whitaker were unable to attend the presentation.

The United Grand Lodge of England Alfred Lodge Province of Yorkshire, West Riding